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SPE Panel Waterproof Lining (SPE-5000)

Posting Date : May 23, 2013 GMT

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The SPE panel (SPE-5000) is made by attaching a LDPE sheet on a stainless steel plate (STS304) using a special glue. It is a patented innovative waterproof material for water tanks.
The SPE panel (SPE-500) has no weak points of previous waterproof methods, such as separation of coating of epoxy resin at the wet surface, generation of environmental hormones due to cracks of concrete structures and dissolution of heavy metals, corrosion of stainless steel lining due to chlorine, and transformation of physical properties of materials due to argon welding and corrosion at the back side due to condensation liquid water
Supplemented in the weak points mentioned above, the SPE panel combines the strong points of stainless steel and PE. Even when cracks occur to concrete structures, it has a very strong corrosion-resistance to chlorine and it can last semipermanently.
In particular, there is no need to check for water leakage by filling up water fully after construction. It is possible to check for water leakage by using a tester at the same time when the construction work is completed, making it possible to prevent any area from having water leakage from the beginning. As the maintenance will be easy, this method is highly excellent compared with existing waterproof methods.
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  • company BOKJU CO., LTD
  • address 52-9, Nonggong-Gil, Namhu-Myeon, bjc9500?, Andong-Si, Gyeongsangbuk-Do,  760-873
  • fax 82-53-955-9560
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