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EPS Pack

Aug 19, 2010 GMT

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Product Information
Product Description
EPS® (EGG - shape Plate Separator)is a system for separating oil from water in the mixture, which is based on the dissimilitude of specific gravity (:buoyancy) between oil & water. The type is to fill up the EPS pack in the fourcorne & tank to raise the separation capability of the mixture by the action of separation with EPS pack. This is the essential spare part of EPS® Oily Water Separator. It is designed by our company's own technology.

Product Specification / Models

This EPS PACK forms the woven plates which are piled up at regular intervals and each plate egg shape has many holes. Some are on the hollow.
And it serves as thousands of plates and reduces the time needed for the rise of oil.
1) Material of Plate
- Polypropylene
2) Interval between two plates    
- P8(8mm), P16(16mm), P50(50mm)
3) Plate’s quantity of Pack      
- P8(30pts),P16(17pts),  P50(11pts)
4) Thickness of Plate  
- 1.3t
5) Hole’s size of Sludge & Flow  
- 22Φ
6) Hole’s size of Oil rising    
- 13Φ 

1) EPS- P8
It is provided oily water separating tank and used for the oil which has lower viscosity than engine oil in oil-water mixture.
It also has very excellent efficiency of oily water separation.

2) EPS- P16
It is generally placed on the fore treatment tank, and used in the higher viscosity oil or the part containing much sludge.

3) EPS- P50
It has a wide plate gap, a good dispersion efficiency and a high viscosity. It is generally used for API, PPI, a substitute for CPI or DAF at the place of high viscosity, a large oil drop such as bunker oil & a crude oil and a large amount of remnants.  Recently it is used for the gig speed sedimentation tank & the high speed rising tank.

EPS pack can be used to separate oil from the mixture water in any types of oily water separator. And it would be used in any space where mixture water goes through to separate oil or even sludge for treatment of storm water. In conclusion, it can be used to separate oil and sludge in any space. In other words, it would be the most important part of system for separating of oil from the mixture water.

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Yeon Pyo, Lee
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