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Synopex Mobile Drinking Water Feeding Trailer(SMDT)

Jan 03, 2011 GMT

company SYNOPEX Verified Company
Coutnry/Region Korea (South)Korea (South)
address 856 songdong-ri, daesong-myeon, nam-gu, pohang-si,, Gyeongsangnam-Do, Korea (South) 790-841
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Product Information

SMDT (Synopex Mobile Drinking water feeding Trailer)


1. What is SMDT(Synopex Mobile Drinking water feeding Trailer)
  : The SMDT is available at any time and any place, since all devices are equipped in a container including an electric generator. SMDT has been customized to meet diverse pure water needs so that SMDT can supply drinking water, industrial water and other purpose water according to customers' needs. SMDT can be installed easily in island, limited industrial areas and isolated village. SMDT offers Reliable and Fast means of producing High-purity mobile water with combination unit including Pretreatment & RO into one Trailer.

2. SMDT Specification





1 Container system
(40ft HQ)

2 Container system
(20ft +40ft HQ)


W2.3 x L12 x H2.6

W2.3 x L18 x H2.6

Shipping Wt.

18,000 kgs

24,000 kgs


10tons/hr (200tons/day) 

20tons/hr (400tons/day)

Electric generator  Built-in type

Diesel Engine.  60KWh x 50Hz

Diesel Engine. 
100KWh x 50Hz


Less than 150ppm

Less than 150ppm


Less than 50ppm

Less than 50ppm

Fuel Use



Fuel Consumption

1.8 Liters/ton

1.8 Liters/ton

 Features & Benefits
  - Easy & Fast Installation : Efficient space(Container size), Cost reduction,
  - Easy Operation : Automatic system & Generator built-in type
  - Easy Maintenance : Quick & Continuous Services, Guaranteed quality of water, Long-term Application
  - Many Conveniences : Pre-planned outage, Emergency response, Easy transportation(trailer mounted)

4. Application
  - For drinking water & industrial water supply for the limited areas
  - For emergency & temporary water supply
  - For pilot test

Optional Information
- Payment : T/T in Advance

Contact Information
Daewook, Kim ( Marketing , Deputy General Manager )
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  • company SYNOPEX
  • address 856 songdong-ri, daesong-myeon, nam-gu, pohang-si,, Gyeongsangnam-Do, Korea (South) 790-841
  • fax 82-53-600-8715
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