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Environmentally Friendly Casting Impregnation System

Oct 05, 2010 GMT

company Sang Won Machinery Co., Ltd.
Coutnry/Region Korea (South)Korea (South)
address 85-36, 7ga, Hang-dong, Jung-gu, Incheon, Korea (South) 400-037
Contact Kwon Soon-Mok
Phone 82-32-889-2981
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Product Information

Since 1993 successful supply of Casting Impregnation System for Automotive Converter Housing, Sang Won has developed and improved the design & manufacturing technology for the optimum Casting Impregnation System with the repeating orders from Korean automotive customers.
These accumulated experiences have resulted in Sang Won being recognized as the Korean representative leader of environmentally friendly Casting Impregnation System.

-Loading Types 
Top load in-line Impregnation Machine with sealant recovery system
Front load in-line Impregnation Machine with sealant recovery system

-Futures and Benefits 
World wide best productivity by the fast cycle times+ Provide top quality impregnated
Available fully automatic in-line Impregnation System, including also in-line to the previous
machine/process and the next machine/process
Greatly reduce sealant consumption, water consumption and environmental trade effluent
by SRS (sealant recovery system)
Accumulated experiences of design+ manufacturing+ site O&M provide the optimum
Impregnation System to customer’s various requirements
Optional Water Recycling System continuously recovers and recycles the hot cure process
water to maintain the process water cleanliness and process quality. The environmentally
friendly system reduces waste water effluent and disposal costs 

-Application Fields
Automotive Casting Products
Aerospace & Defense Casting Products
Other Industry Casting Products, Components and Parts


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