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Sludge Drying System

Oct 25, 2011 GMT

company Boram E&T Co., Ltd.
Coutnry/Region Korea (South)Korea (South)
address 971-27, Woulchuldong, Bukgu, Gwangju, Korea (South) 500-460
Contact Choongnam, Lee
Phone 82-2-584-4112
fax 82-2-3444-8914
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Product Information

Product Description

This system is designed to dry sludge by using heat generated from waste incinerator.
Dehydrated sludge supplied by standard volume device is conveyed to rotary dryer, dried up to 10~30% of moisture content by heat energy supplied from furnace, and conveyed to storage site.
Toxic gas generated from drying process shall be treated together with the gas from incinerator,and additional prevention facilities are not required.
Operation cost shall be much less because of using waste heat supplied from incinerator.

Product Feature

▪ Environmental Feature
 - Permanent countermeasure against prohibition of direct- landfill
 - Treatment of environment friendly according to ban of dumping to ocean
 - Big space is not required at landfill
▪ Economical Feature
 - Much economical comparing with incineration and compost
 - Contributing to national benefit by recycle of natural resources
▪ Solution to Civil Petition
 - Civil appeal is occurred often due to odor generated from sludge treatment, but our
system solves the petition by combusting odor completely
▪ Stability
 - Settlement of trouble and fear occurred during operation of new facility with our verified equipments
 - Pollution control at landfill
 - Permanent countermeasure against troubles of heavy metal and element changes by each season at composting

Product Specification / Models

- Sludge Drying Capacity : 80ton/day ~ 200ton/day (suitable for small capacity to big volume capacity)
- Patent : Sludge Drying System using Waste Heat (No. 0852024)


Reduction of quantity and Recycling system after drying organic or organic sludge

Contact Information
Choongnam, Lee ( Overseas Marketing Div. , Managing Director )
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  • company Boram E&T Co., Ltd.
  • address 971-27, Woulchuldong, Bukgu, Gwangju, Korea (South) 500-460
  • fax 82-2-3444-8914
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