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Waste Incineration System, Water Tube Type Fixed Grate Incinerator (Sloped Type)

Oct 25, 2011 GMT

company Boram E&T Co., Ltd.
Coutnry/Region Korea (South)Korea (South)
address 971-27, Woulchuldong, Bukgu, Gwangju, Korea (South) 500-460
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Product Information

Product Description

The patent, water jacket grate incinerator has an unique design in the furnace bottom structure.
The slopped bottom is constructed of multistage water jackets structure and open structure from top and bottom enabling to maximize combustion efficiency by more larger surface area of burning,40% more than existing facilities and faster combustion speed. Because of simple and compact size installation cost much less than existing stoker type incinerators, and cost of operation and maintenance is much less due to no troubles during works.


Product Feature

▪ Minimizes generation of dioxin by completely burning residual gas.
▪ Controls generation of clinker by maintaining constant temperature inside furnace.
▪ The quantity of discharged from outlet of incinerator is reduced by circulating airflow produced in the middle of combustion.
▪ Easy operation and maintenance.
▪ Suitable for combustion of mixed waste.


Product Specification / Models

Structure of Incinerator
▪ Counter-flow type designed to allow wastes to be transferred to the opposite direction of combustion gas flow.
▪ Designed as water cooled bottom, and its top and wall are fire resistant structure.
▪ Drying and combustion processes are performed by the heat relayed from bottom to top, so its combustion speed is fast.
▪ No waste is deposited and dropped in the process of combustion, so it is easy to burn.
▪ Guarantees perfect combustion by installing hydraulic cylinder transferring and stirring device intended to prevent the deposit of burnt materials.
▪ Minimizes heat loss by complete combustion.
Utility Model : Water tube type fixed grate Incinerator (No. 0279070)



Incineration of municipal waste and industrial waste including hospital waste Energy recycling system with generation of steam & electricity by using waste heat

Other Information

-Incinerator Capacity : 500 kg/hr ~ 5,000 kg/hr based on industrial waste
-Waste Heat Boiler : 5 ~ 25 ton/day
-Bag Filter : Off-line Pulse Type
-Wet Scrubber & De-Fume : Remove HCl, Sox, and Cooling Condenser of Heat Exchanger

Contact Information
Choongnam, Lee ( Overseas Marketing Div. , Managing Director )
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  • company Boram E&T Co., Ltd.
  • address 971-27, Woulchuldong, Bukgu, Gwangju, Korea (South) 500-460
  • fax 82-2-3444-8914
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