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Vortex Generating Filtration System(FMX)

Nov 16, 2009 GMT

company FIL MAX Co., Ltd.
Coutnry/Region Korea (South)Korea (South)
address 930-1 Tamnip-Dong,, Yuseong-ku, Daejeon, Korea (South) 305-510
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Phone 82-42-862-6360
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Product Information
Product Description FMX is membrane fouling prevent filtration Separation system. Our major concern of the system was how to prevent fouling from the solid substances which contained in liquids. The answer was Vortex flow. Strong Vortex flow prevents membrane fouling. This will provide; -Separation of high solid concentration wastewater -Can separate special condition wastewater which impossible to apply with conventional membrane technology There are 3 of Vortex Membrane Filtration Systems sold to Samsung Fine Chemical for Methyl Cellulose wastewater treatment and recovery of products. Compare to other membrane filtration system, FMX provide more flux without membrane fouling. Product Feature The FMX is the revolutionary filtration machine for a wide variety of industrial filtration, separation, and volume reduction applications. The patented vortex-generating membrane filtration system makes difficult applications feasible and economical. The FKS series overcome the dreaded problematic traits of high solids, high viscosity, and fouling found in conventional membrane systems through FMX's effective anti-fouling mechanism generated by vortices. Product Specification / Models FMX Max. Membrane Surface Area Operating Pressure Dimensions KFS-100 92.55m2 15kg/cm2 1400*2200*3700(mm) KFS-60 54.38m2 15kg/cm2 1400*2200*2740(mm) kFS-20 17.17m2 15kg/cm2 1400*2200*1780(mm) Application * Wastewater Treatment Facility * Expanding Capacity of Wastewater Treatment Facility * Wastewater Treatment Facility of Daerim Concrete * Water treatment facility with anaerobic digestion process in Belgium * Livestock Wastewater * Rural Waste Total Treatment Facility * Nano Carbon Tube of Concentrate * Coffee Slurry Filtering System
Contact Information
Gi Taek Park
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  • company FIL MAX Co., Ltd.
  • address 930-1 Tamnip-Dong,, Yuseong-ku, Daejeon, Korea (South) 305-510
  • fax 82-42-862-6355
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