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Battery Energy Storage System (BESS)

May 28, 2013 GMT

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Product Information

[Purpose and Applications] 

Our products can be applied for all locations where emergency generators are to be used. The product is an essential item for photovoltaic and wind power generation systems. General households can use our products of small capacities (Japan).



[General Descriptions and Features]

While BESS shares a similar concept with UPS, it is designed for managing energy and minimizing installation space, not for emergency power generation. It is also designed for storing eco-friendly energy, photovoltaic energy, and wind power energy in order to allow a system to be operated as scheduled when needed and according to set conditions. When power supply from KEPCO gets unstable as the demand for power increases during winter and summer seasons, stored energy can be used to manage the peak points of power and reduce the burden from the progressive power costing system and minimize the possible costs from power failure. As individual cells are compartmentalized, maintenance work can be done shortly and simply.



[Main features]

1. Management of power peaks (Set to be activated when exceeding a contractual power level).

2. An essential item for the environment configuration for a smart grid.

3. Power costs can be reduced through the scheduling of midnight power service.

4. 100% domestic technology.

5. The active cell balancing technology will help minimize the loss of energy, which otherwise would take place, and also help shorten time.

6. Easy to carry out maintenance.

7. Eco-friendly as no lead storage battery is used (Use of lithium polymer batteries)



[Product Standard]



Large capacity systems can be designed depending on the sites that need them. 2 kWh to Megawatt or higher.


Use of batteries of lithium polymer, which is a highly polymerized material (No use of lead storage batteries).


Each cell is mounted onto each aluminum tray to minimize chain reaction.

There is no risk of explosion as polymer type batteries, which are made by improving on the explosiveness of lithium ion batteries, are used


Can be set easily by using the front LCD touch screen.

Strong points

Easy to install, operate and maintain, making it possible to save management costs.

Charging time can be minimized due to the active cell balancing method (Rapid charging is possible).

No energy loss thanks to the balancing of individual cells.


Can be transported easily as the products are installed in cases individually.


Contact Information
Youngkyu Choi ( CEO )
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  • company Hande Co., Ltd.
  • address #611,2Dong, Lotte IT Castle, 550-1,Gasandong, Geumcheon-Ku, Seoul, Korea (South) 153-768
  • fax 82-2-2082-6066
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