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Turbo Blower

Dec 06, 2013 GMT

company Daeha Eng. Co., Ltd.
Coutnry/Region Korea (South)Korea (South)
address 293-12, Wonsan-Ri, Haseong, Myon, Gimpo, Gyeonggi-Do, Korea (South) 415-887
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Product Information

Key Technology

Designed For Stability In Rotating Body

Symmetrical stability construction

• Bilaterally symmetrical structure
Axial direction thrust allows easier load counter balance. (Axial load=0)
 Little or no effect from balancing, alignments 
Stability and durability enhanced structure.

Carries out work by dividing it into two halves
- Reduction of concentrated sectional load strain or twisting

3-dimensional high-efficiency impeller installed

New improved 3-dimensional configuration.
New construction that allows the use of aluminum
- Improved durability through controlling the weight of rotating body(axis)

greater variable control area

Technical Comparison (Durability)


Single Suction

Double Suction


Bearing Stability

Impeller installed only on one side, causing the center of gravity to shift. The load on each bearing is different.

- Different levitation speed between two sides.

- Wear and tear on radial bearings.

- Bearing low on durability and unstable.

Bearings on both sides share equal load.

- Simultaneous levitation through equal load distribution on radial bearings.

- High durability bearings.


Rotor Dynamic


Conical mode occurs


Rotor Weight

(Mass of Rotor)

Heavy and necessary to require high rigidity in order to endure speed limit.

Comparatively Lighter

Axial Load

(Thrust Road)

Greater force applied on one side.

- Thrust force by pressure acting on back side of impeller

- Wear and tear on thrust bearings

- Need to additional structure to compensate the thrust force

F = 0


Inferior Durability

Superior Durablilty

Special features

• Suitable for operation at high speed : Bearing’s loading capability increases with higher RPM.
Convenience factor for assembly for mass production.

Additional installation for cooling and lubrication (oiling mechanism) not required.

· Superior durability

 - After 35,000 continuous operation (on/off), little or no abrasion resulted.

- Operational under extreme climatic environment (MAX250°C).

- Little or no vibration and noise by bearings.

· Symmetrical rotating structure

Durablility Test

Special features

·  Foil Gas Bearings are especially suitable for turbo machines which require extra durability. By passing more than 35,000 repetitive and continuous on/off test, the product earned outstanding credit.

Operational Principles


1. Individually layered air bearings are assembled in the housing to support the axis.

2. As the supported axis rotate at high speed, an air layer is formed between the axis and the bearings.

3. Friction free levitation. High-speed rotation requires no oil as lubricants.

Motor Cooling

· The motor is effectively cooled using the air suctioned and passed through the cooling pin.

  - Cooling pins are made of aluminum, which has superior heat conductivity.

  - To effectively prevent overheating, parts to come in contact with air are made as wide as possible.

· Additional cooling installment (cooling fan, cooling water) not required.

  - Cuts unnecessary energy consumption and the structure are simple.


· Requires no ventilation devices to maintain indoor temperature of Installation location.

  - Indoor air is suctioned in and discharged outside, allowing natural air circulation with external air.


· Both inductor and BLDC used for motor efficiency/cost effectiveness.

· Can be operated at speeds up to 18,000~100,000rpm.

· The inverter used is of heavily tested and approved quality.

High-Speed Motor Specs / Details


Specs/technical details

→ Constructed to optimize slot effect for stator and rotor

→ designed to reduce iron Loss

→ Motor analyzed via 2D FEM

→ Efficient Motor Cooling System

→ Durable rotor designed and constructed

→ Rotor Slot and End ring effect optimization configuration designed

→ Friction Loss reduced Rotor installed


Optional Information
- Payment : L/C
- Origin : South Korea
- Minimum Order : 1

Contact Information
Yukyun Lim ( Oversea Sales , Manager )
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  • company Daeha Eng. Co., Ltd.
  • address 293-12, Wonsan-Ri, Haseong, Myon, Gimpo, Gyeonggi-Do, Korea (South) 415-887
  • fax 82-31-986-9987
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