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Jun 18, 2013 GMT

company Chemtopia Co., Ltd.
Coutnry/Region Korea (South)Korea (South)
address 3F, Mora Bldg., 1022-3, Bangbae-dong, Seocho, Seoul, Korea (South) 137-851
Contact Eunkyung Song
Phone 82-070-4361-3011
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Product Information

[Purpose and Applications]

- As the globally harmonized system (GHS) of classification and labelling) system has been introduced in many countries around the world, including China, Japan, Europe, and America, it is required to provide MSDS according to the regulations of GHS of individual countries when manufacturing, exporting and importing chemical materials and products.

- GHS MSDS needs to be prepared based on the database of toxicity and physical properties and needs to be written down in the MSDS formats and the languages of individual countries, which has made it very difficult for chemical companies to respond in reality.

- Our Web-based GHS MSDS automatic generation program can help those company respond easily.



[Merits or Strength compared to other similar domestic and overseas technologies and products]

- Our Web-based GHS MSDS automatic generation program will generate data automatically in the individual languages and MSDS formats of 30 countries. Similar programs have been sold by multinational companies, such as SAP, IHS, and WERCS, at prices of hundreds of millions of won.

- Our Web-based program was launched in 2012. Its hardware can be maintained and its data can be updated with lower costs without causing a burden.

- It has been used already by more than 10 domestic companies and 3 foreign companies, Three Bond.

the Ministry of Environment, and the Ministry of Employment and Labor has recently received lots of queries about preparation of MSDS from overseas chemical companies that export products to Korea as GHS is to be introduced fully as of July of this year.

- Accordingly, it is expected that demand for our product will surge rapidly.



[General Descriptions and Features]

- Our Web-based GHS MSDS automatic generation program and DB of regulated chemicals are designed for generating MSDS of single materials or mixed materials automatically.

- The MSDS will be produced according to the 16 sections as notified by the Ministry of Employment and Labor.

- The generated information can be produced in an excel file or a html file and can be edited by the users.

- When our program is used, it will be possible to prepare the MSDS through 6-stage configuration.

- The embedded DB of regulated chemicals provide support in relation to about 200,000 domestic and overseas legal restrictions.

- The data of legal restrictions will be updated always.

- Our program provides support also for 20,000 data related to toxicity and GHS classification.

- When it comes to toxic materials, the program provides support for the classification of them according to the harmful chemical materials management act by the Ministry of Environment.

- When it comes to the aspect of the management of the program, it is possible to prepare and manage MSDS for individual departments and products.

- Our program provides the functions that will make it possible to retrieve all of data related to the regulations of individual materials, the inventory of items that are handled internally, the regulations for individual products, and the list of products that are to be regulated.

- The program also can generate a company’s logo and the label and can be also linked to in-house ERP systems.

Contact Information
Eunkyung Song ( Chemical consulting team , Team leader )
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  • company Chemtopia Co., Ltd.
  • address 3F, Mora Bldg., 1022-3, Bangbae-dong, Seocho, Seoul, Korea (South) 137-851
  • fax 82-2-877-0674
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