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High Efficiency Diffuser

Jun 20, 2013 GMT

company ANT21
Coutnry/Region Korea (South)Korea (South)
address 1309, Gwanpyeong-Dong, Yuseong-Gu, Daejeon, Korea (South) 305-509
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Product Information

[Purpose and Applications]

 It can be installed to supply oxygen and help mixing in septic tanks, flow control tanks, aeration tanks, wastewater storage tanks, culture tanks and treatment tanks of filthy water treatment plants, sewage water treatment plants, hygienic treatment plants, water purification plants, and leachate and livestock wastewater treatment plants.



[Merits or Strength compared to other similar domestic and overseas technologies and products]

- The multilayer cone-shaped oxygen system is excellent in terms of oxygen transfer rate and its mixing function as air bubbles are evenly created across the whole area due to the triangle pitch method.

- As it has lower rate of pressure loss, it is excellent in saving energy.

- That is why the product has been widely used for general water purification plants, filthy water and wastewater treatment plants, and septic tanks, for example.



[General Descriptions and Features]

[Content of core technology]

- The technology is about an aeration oxygen system in an aerobic tank for which a multilayer cone-shaped oxygen system is applied to carry out advanced treatment.

- It can be used to supply dissolved oxygen to filthy water and wastewater treatment plants, combined septic tanks, aerobic fermenters, ponds and reservoirs.

- A multilayer cone-shaped structure is applied to prevent sludge from being deposited, discharge bubbles evenly, and prevent coalescence of bubbles.

- The applied technology is that a check valve is installed at each oxygen system to prevent wastewater from flowing backward inside the pipe at the bottom floor of an aerobic tank.

- The system includes not only an oxygen system that discharges condensate water from the inside of the aerobic tank in order to remove the condensate water that will be generated from the pipe of the oxygen system, but also a data analysis system that receives data from the sensors, such as DO, SS, PH, TN, and TP, and also sends data to them through wire and wireless communication.

- What is applied in this oxygen system includes blowers and valve control systems also.



- The technology is designed to generate microbubbles evenly by utilizing optimal low energy resources to help them evenly flow through a process.

- This technology includes multilayer cone-shaped oxygen systems that evenly distribute air inside, check valves that prevent sewage water from flowing backward, condensate water removing systems, and oxygen systems that can carry out autocontrol and data analysis.

- The technology can be efficiently applied to a process where highly concentrated sludge is suspended. 


[Product Standard]





Air flow

80~130 l/min, Max. 150 l/min

Connection diameter

20 A socket type






Contact Information
Dongwoo Kim
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  • company ANT21
  • address 1309, Gwanpyeong-Dong, Yuseong-Gu, Daejeon, Korea (South) 305-509
  • fax 82-42-671-0926
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