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  • 2005
  • July. The Korea Institute of Environmental Science and Technology (KIEST) became a legal entity. September. Korea Eco-products Institute (KOECO) became a legal entity.
  • 2008
  • August. Decision was made to merge KIEST and KOECO.
  • 2009
  • January. Development of and Support for Environmental Technology Act partly amended and promulgated. April. The Korea Environmental Industry and Technology Industry (KEITI) launched.

Core Services

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  • Planning, evaluation and management of environmental technology development. Nurturing environmental businesses and assisting exports. Training specialist manpower. Collection and distribution of information on environmental industry and technologies. Promoting production, sales and distribution of green products. Promotion of green management.

CEO's Message

Welcome to the website of the Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute (KEITI).  KEITI aims for a sustainable society where economic growth and environmental welfare co-exist in harmony.    In order to build more sustainable society, KEITI remains committed to identifying and catering to the needs of the consumers. Today, our planet is increasingly plagued by environmental crises such as global warming, resource depletion as well as public health and safety problems. Our mission stems from the global consensus of saving our planet. KEITI, a quasi-government organization affiliated with the Ministry of Environment, is committed to achieving both environmental protection and economic growth. In order to fulfill our mission, we support creating environmental technologies, nurturing environmental industries and promoting an eco-friendly lifestyle. It is our core task to support small and mid-sized enterprises which possess outstanding technologies but lack the resources to commercialize them. KEITI provides these companies with the support they need during the start-up and growth stages to help them more effectively advance into the global market. Furthermore, another of our significant missions is to nurture professional manpower in the field of environmental industry. We contribute to providing outstanding human resources to companies, and creating various job opportunities in related fields. In particular, we are moving forward with diverse plans to promote the health and safety of the people. KEITI is involved in establishing policies on compensation for environmental damage. We believe these endeavors will lead to a more sustainable society. We continue our efforts to encourage consumption of eco-friendly or low-carbon products by operating a series of certification programs, such as 'Korea Eco-Label' and 'New Excellent Technology'. Furthermore, we support the sustainable management of corporations to encourage eco-friendly lifestyles. Korea is now sharing its environmental experiences with the world. KEITI has been designated as one of the Asian representatives to the United Nations in the division of Sustainable Consumption and Production policies. We spare no effort to promote eco-friendly lifestyles across the international community. We are also proud of being one of the most credible public organizations, holding a competitive edge in the area of anti-corruption competitiveness for a public organization. We promise to continue our ceaseless efforts to fight against corruption. We believe your constant support and encouragement will help KEITI build more sustainable society. As a reliable partner for a brighter future, all KEITI members will continue our aspiration to bring about a new global era of environmental protection and economic growth.   Thank you very much.   President KEITI   Yong-Joo Kim, Ph.D.