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Privacy Protection

1. Purpose of collecting personal information

The purposes of collecting personal information is as follows. Collected information will not be used for the purposes other than it's intended and will gain a prior consent if its proposes are changed

1) Maintenance
- Verifying your identity
- Verifying your eligibility to register as a user of the Sites
- Providing you with customer service and responding to your queries, feedback, claims or disputes, processing your registration as a user,
- Providing you with a log-in ID for the Sites and maintaining and managing your registration

2) Contents & Services
- Providing appropriate, timely, and quality services & contents

3) Research or Statistical analysis
- Performing research or statistical analysis in order to improve our service, provide customized service, and for the promotional purposes

2. Collection of Information
Your information including, but not limited to, User ID, User Full Name and etc("Registration Information") may be collected at the time of user registration on the Sites.
- Mandatory Information : Business Registration Number, User ID, Password, E-mail, Confirmation Code, User Full Name, Company Name, Street Address, , Zip/Postal Code, Phone, Brief Company Description, Main Product / Services Name, Keywords, Category
- Optional Information : Department, Job Title, Fax, Export Amount

3. Retention

Your registration information will be collected and retained from the date of your consent under applicable laws.

- Related Law : Article 15, paragraph 1
- Retention : Until the date of your withdrawal of registration

4. Rejection of Agreement
Users have right to reject the agreement of collecting privacy information on this Site. However, you may be refused to be a member of Ecotrade and your usage of services on this site can be limited.

5. Entrust of collected personal information

1) For the smooth fulfillment of processing personal information, the Ecotrade entrust following assignments consignee.
- consignee : Naversystem
- assignments : system refine, operation and maintenance
- period : 2018.6.19.~2018.12.14

2) When make a contract consignee for assigned tasks, the Ecotrade state contract item(supervision, technological/systematic restraint for protection, liability for damages, prohibition of reconsignment, etc) and exercise supervision of consignee in accordance with Article 25 of the Privacy Act.

3) In case commissioning tasks and change of consignee, the Ecotrade will notify it on Private Policy without delay.

6. Eeach Contact Person and Contact Points in charge of Personal Information Protection





Chief Privacy Officer

Korea National Environmental Information Center

Lee Yong Jun


Privacy Officer

Korea National Environmental Information Center

Lee Seung Ho


Personal Information Handler

Korea National Environmental Information Center

Park Hae Jin



7. Matters on Rights and Responsibilities of Owner of Information and Methods of the Usage

① The owner of information (the legal representative can exercise the right under 14 years of age) can exercise the right of personal information protection of following each subparagraph at any time.

1. Request to access personal information

2. If there is an error, request correction

3. Request to delete

4. Request to suspend management

② The execution of right under Paragraph 1 may be made in writing, e-mail, or fax (FAX) after completing Attached Form 8 of the Enforcement Rules of the Personal Information Protection Act, and the institution will take measures without delay.

③ When owner of information has requested correction or deletion of personal information, it will not be use or provided that year personal information until the correction or deletion is completed.

④ The execution of right under Paragraph 1 may be done through the legal representative of owner of information or the agent, etc such as the person who has been delegated. In this case, he/she must submit a power of attorney according to Attached Form 11 of the Enforcement Rules of the Personal Information Protection Act.

⑤ The request of the personal information access and suspension of management of, the right of owner of information may be restricted by the Personal Information Protection Act Article 35 Paragraph 5, Article 37 Paragraph 2.

⑥ Requests for the correction and deletion of personal information cannot be requested to be deleted if the personal information is specified as to be collected object in the other Act and Articles.

⑦ We verify whether the person to request for access, correction, deletion, suspension, etc according to the owner of information’s right, is the person himself or a legitimate representative.

* Present identity card to identify yourself (identity card, driver's license, passport, etc.)

* In case of a representative, present your identity card and a power of attorney to identify your representative

8. Procedures and Methods of Personal Information Destruction

① Ecotrade will, in principle, destroy personal information without delay when the purpose of personal information management is achieved.

However, when it is necessary to preserve it in accordance with other Acts, this is not the case. The procedures, deadlines and methods of destruction are specified as follows.

A. Destruction procedure

Unnecessary personal information and personal information files are managed under the responsibilities of personal information manager according to the internal policy procedure as follows.

- Destruction of personal information

Personal information that has passed the retention period will be destroyed without delay from the end date

- Destruction of personal information files

When the personal information file becomes unnecessary such as the purpose of personal information file management being achieved, abolition of service, or the end of the business, the personal information file is destroyed without delay from the date when personal information management is recognized as unnecessary.

B. How to destroy

1) Electronic forms of information use technological methods that cannot reproduce the records.

2) Personal information printed on paper is shredded by shredder or destroyed by incineration.

9. Measures to Ensure the Safety of Personal Information
Ecotrade, pursuant to Article 29 of the 「Personal Information Protection Act」, takes the technical, administrative and physical measures necessary for ensuring safety as follows.

A. Minimization and training of personal information managers

We have designated and minimized the person in charge of personal information management and implemented measures to manage personal information.

B. Controlled and restricted access to personal information

We take necessary measures to control access to personal information through granting, modifying, and deleting access rights to the database system that manages personal information, and also control unauthorized access from outside by using an intrusion prevention system.

C. Storing access records

We have designated and minimized the person in charge of personal information management and implemented measures to manage personal information.

D. Encryption of personal information

The user’s personal information is encrypted and stored and managed. In addition, important data use separate security function such as using to be encrypted, etc when to store and transmit.

E. Security program installation and periodic inspection · update

Ecotrade installs and is periodically updated and inspected a security program to prevent personal information from being divulged or damaged by hacking or computer viruses,

F. Access control to unauthorized persons

The physical storage place of the personal information system that stored personal information is separately set up, and access control procedures are formulated and operated accordingly
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