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Joining Membership

To promote your business and connect business partners, you need to join ecotrade.org as a member.
Click 'Join now' to register yourself as a members of ecotrade.org.

Click 'Join Now' link
Select your Country.
Select one of you Business Type among 'Seller' 'Buyer' or 'Both' - In case that you select the country beside 'Korea(south)- Republice of Korea' you can choose 'Buyer' only.
After you select your country and business type, please click 'Agree' button. And then you move to Member info. page.

Input your ID and click 'Check ID' button to check your availability.

How to check your ID is duplicated.

1. Click 'Check ID' button. A pop-up window is displayed
2. Input your ID on the blank and click 'Check Duplication' button.

3. In case of the case of Duplication ID, you have the message as followed;

The ID you filled out, <your ID> , is already taken by another user. Please try any different ID or add characters to the ID you filled out.

4. In case that your ID is not duplicated, please click 'Use This' Button.

Input your email address and click 'Check Email Availability' button to receive Confirmation Code.
And then you move to your email client program or email account page to check Confirmation Code email. After you check the email, please attach your Confirmation code as followed;

Step 01- Copy (Ctrl + C) Confirmation Code.

Step 02- Attach, Paste (Ctrl + V) Confirmation Code into 'Confirmation Code' box.

Fill out your name, Department, and Job title.
Fill out your Company Name, Business Registration Number, Check Duplicate, Street Address, Ku/Kun/City, City/Province, Zip/Postal Code, Phone, and Fax.

* Please note that Business Registration Number is only for Korean members to fill out.

Fill out your Brief Company Description, Main Product / Services Name, and Keywords. And then select your Category . >
After your fill out required information- stated as "*" please click 'Sign Up' button to complete the member application process.
Also Sign Up Notification email is sent to your email address you have filled out.
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