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Energy Storage System (20kWh)
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 [Standard product – 20 kWh with 6 kW PCS]

Battery  Rated storage energy 20, 720 Wh
 Cell type 200 Ah lithium ion polymer
 Cell configuration 14S2P200Ah
 Output voltage ranges 38 VDC to 58 VDC
 Fast charge 6,000 Watt
 Active cell balancing CC/CV charging 6A (4.15V)
AC output  Output power (Continuous) 6,000 Watt
 Waveform True sine wave
 Phase Single
 Frequency 60±0.1 Hz
 Total harmonic distortion < 5%
 Efficiency (CEC Weighted) 93%
 Power factor corrected charging 0.99
 Emissions FCC Class B
UPS  Transfer time 8 ms
 Transfer relay 60A
Physical  Dimension (W x D x H) 920  x 760 x 1,760 mm
 Weight 502 kg



1) Fast charge in one cycle without cell balancing discharge process – Patented

2) 6 kW PCS (Schneider CE/FCC approved) integrated

3) Maintenance by cell module, not battery module