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Toddy3.3(water-saving Toilet)
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▶ Summary  
The ideal of H&G(Human & Grace) is to realize the Humanism and its noble and we are considering our motto which is A/S is the life of our company in customer's position.  

Water Saving Toddy 3.3 is developed with proud of that perfect cleansing power, low noise and fast refill of the water with using at most 4.5L for the feces and 3L for the Urine at a time instead of preexistence which is using 10~13L at a time.  

It is improved the cleansing power with changing the stationary siphon type to linear variable trap and reduce the noise remarkably.  

It also can be applied to the any other designed water closet such as high class one-piece water saving closet because the parts need only small space for installation.  

In addition, At the time of water shortage era over the world, It acquired the New Environment Technology(NET) as a remarkable products which is contributed to the protection of water resources and environmental pollution on Dec,2007.  

After that, H&G a new product in March 2009 (NEP) certified, environmentally friendly energy products fair in September 2009, while the prize for the future of humanity is to jump repeatedly.  

▶ The features TODDY toilet 3.3  
∙ Powerful Water-Saving Effect : Cleansing excrements with 4.5ℓ and urine with 3ℓ of water. (Reducing 50~60% of the previous amount of water used) ∙ Low Noise (Getting rid of syphon phenomenon) : Reducing noise problems between floors.  
∙ Quick Recharging of Water : Shortening charging time because the amount used is less.  
∙ Perfect Cleansing Power : Reducing clogging phenomenon.  
∙ High Compatibility : Usable for all the existing toilet models.  

▶ Performance  
⦁ Samsung Research Laboratory  
⦁ Chungyang Education Office  
⦁ Okdae Elementary School  
⦁ Participation in Iraq reconstruction  and so on.

Optional Information
- Payment : L/C
- Origin : Republic of Korea
- Minimum Order : 1 Set
- Packaging : set
- Samples : Charge
- Sample Price : 305 USD
- Remarks : (1USD=1,116KRW standards)