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Product Description
► Usage: Environmentally friendly and functional insole exclusively for children
► Applicable area: To put on inside the sports shoes for the children of preschool and elementary school ages

Product Advantages
► The world’s first environmentally friendly and functional insole that contains biodegradable resin and is exclusively for children
► Stimulation of the areas related to growth and brain activation based on foot reflection zones (Application for patent: 10-2010-0112485)
► Manufacturing based on the orthotic concept that uses an ergonomics design that can fit children’s feet
► Highly functional and high quality materials, such as memory foam, far infrared-processed fabric, biodegradable resin
► As an insole, not a shoe, it can be reused when necessary for changing shoes
► Kids style design by specialized designers to meet the eye level of children

Features & Specifications
► Kineomgi
Kineomgi is the world’s first environmentally friendly and functional insole that contains biodegradable resin and is exclusively for children. It is designed and manufactured in a way that the necessary functions for the children in growth ages can be working, with more enhanced value added thanks to the top quality material and the design in the style kids. With the orthotic concept and the comfort combined evenly, the product provides a favorable environment for the growth and development of children.
► Features
▪ Ergonomics design that fits well with the feet of children in growth ages, as well as for the application of the orthotic concept for the arch and heel.
▪ The highly elastic Bio-Hexa chip, which is configured in a specially designed 5-layer structure, is inserted into the areas related to the brain activation and the growth.
▪ For the health of children, far-infrared processed fabric, including non-toxic and environmentally plastic, is used.
▪ Environmentally friendly kids style that can meet the eye level of children
▪ Just wearing shoes with Kineomgi inside will enable you to enjoy the functions conveniently wherever and whenever.
► Functionality introduction
▪ Orthotic concept
◦ Ergonomics design that fits well with the feet of children in growth ages will help them grow into the correct posture and physique.
◦ Prevention and alleviation of various foot diseases can help remove the elements that might interfere with the growth
▪ Stimulation for a bare foot
◦ The rebound resilience is applied to continuously provide a stimulation with the same effect as that of walking barefooted, without feeling hurt.
◦ Utilizing the foot reflection zone basically, this product facilitates the brain activation and stimulates the areas for growth and development, as being essential for the growth age.
▪ Comfort
◦ With the orthotic concept and the memory foam combined, this product will help you feel comfortable at your feet and reduce stress.
◦ The memory foam will help increase the average contact surface and reduce the foot pressure, minimizing impact onto a specific area.

Standards & Models
► Features
▪ Model: Blue, Green, Red, Violet
▪ Consisting of: One set of Kineomgi insole 1set, 6 units of Bio-Hexa chip, one guide book, one quality assurance document.
▪ Material: Biodegradable resin (Inno Green), memory foam, highly solid foam, far infrared processed fabric, and highly elastic rubber
▪ Package: For the protection of the product, it is specially packaged and put into a box made of environmentally friendly paper.
► Size
▪ Male/Female: 170, 180, 190, 200, 210, 220, 230, 240(mm)