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Korea (South)HYUNDAI Wacortec Co.,Ltd

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    • K Mark(Quality Test Certifications)Standards for qulity management systemEnvironmental management standardsEuropean Union StandardsRestriction of Hazardous Substances Directive
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    • Water Treatment > Water Supply

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Our company has been manufacturing the various water treatment systems (home use, commercial& industrial use), water dispenser, water filters and water softener etc which would suitable to various kind of purpose and conditions with the best technology and the quality in the world from the home use appliance to industrial RO systems. And we are continuously investing on technology and development of our products.

With priority to our clients’ good health in our mind, we, HYUNDAI Wacor Tec. Co. Ltd as the world leader and specialist in Water Purifiers, Dispensers, Air Purifiers as well other well-being products have enjoyed a great reputation of the various selections, highest quality, and advanced technology as well our commitment since established.

We have a distributor organization in over 40 countries in worldwide. And we share high reputation in both of home and abroad due to the superior quality, innovative design, advanced technology and convenience.

With the good design of our products and their durability at a reasonable price, We are dedicated to giving you a better life and benefits.

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company nameHYUNDAI Wacortec Co.,Ltd
CategoryWater Treatment > Water Supply
address A-301, HAGYE TECHNO-TOWN, 250-3, HAGYE-DONG, NOWON-GU, Seoul, Korea (South) 139-727