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HM2 Filter System
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HM2 (YHPP/YHPV series) FILTER SYSTEM, which is a water treatment system with high efficiency, multi function and multi purpose, can apply various membrane materials and pore sizes with treatment purposes, and the system shows excellent treatment efficiency and is very compact because of integration of various processes (coagulation, precipitation, flotation, filtration and sterilization) into the one reactor. And filtration pressure of this system does not increase even though the lapse of operation time because it adopts the up-flow method by inflow induce pipe, and the system can uniformly maintain the membrane filtration ability by sequential back washing in real time. Therefore HM2 system is a high efficient complex filter system
1. By micro filtering (0.3~10 μm), this system is very good to treat solid pollution matters.
2. This system is possible to continuously treat large flow rate with effectively controlling fouling of membrane by sequential back washing process.
3. Filtration pressure of membrane surface does not increase even though the lapse of operation time because pollution matters included in inflow water are not concentrated in filtration part depending
on the adoption of inflow induce pipe.
4. Because precipitation/concentration part is not influenced by the current of inflow water, the system can concentrate solid pollutant matters with high density and can minimize drainage water quantity
(less than 1%).
5. Because various processes (coagulation, precipitation, flotation, filtration and sterilization) can be integrated in one reactor, this system is very compact and has more advantages in land use and construction.
6. Because this system is operated by low filtration pressure and has not any mechanical running parts, it shows highly trusted operation and it is convenient for maintenance and management. In addition,
the cost is also much effective.
7. Recovery rate for inflow water is very high as more than 99% by using back washing water through inner circulation process.
8. Since field application and process connection are easy, this system can use in all fields of water treatment to improve value of water, and this system shows still higher energy consumption efficiency than other systems.
Water treatment system / Rainwater reuse system / Sewage treatment water reuse system / Nonpoint pollutant treatment system / Industrial waste water treatment system / Ballast water treatment system / Refinement treatment system of oil
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