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Land Farming Approach

Posting Date : Dec 11, 2013 GMT

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company Oikos. Co., Ltd.
Coutnry/Region Korea (South)Korea (South)
address #1007, 96, Gamasan-ro, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul,  153-775
Contact Guk-jin Kim
fax 82-855-6451
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Technical Excellence of the Land Farming Approach of OIKOS

• Biological/microbial decomposition to petroleum contaminated soil 
• OIKOS has the comprehensive know-how from the selection, culturing, and mass production of indigenous oil-decomposing microbes (from thermo-phobic, mediocre to thermophilic microbes). The company has developed/cultured 15 microbial species that can break down petroleum products from the contaminated soil.

• The Korean Ministry of Environment awarded OIKOS as the best 'microbes
 species holder' in the EM project in 2010.

Oil decomposing Microbes That OIKOS Possesses

Registration No. Name of the Microbes
KCTC 10361BP Acinetobacter junii MH1
KCTC 10360BP Comamona stestosteroni MH3
KCTC 10359BP Pseudomonas migulae MH8
KCTC 10358BP Spingomonas sdhaesiva MH9
KCTC 10357BP Pseudomonas jessenii MH16
KCTC 11016BP Geobacillus subterraneus OH-1
KCTC 11017BP Brevibacillus argi OH-2
KCTC 11018BP Geobacillus vulcani OH-3
KCTC 11219BP Arthrobacter sp. OL-1
KCTC 11220BP Acinetobacter junii OL-2
KCTC 11221BP Streptomyces sp. OL-3
KCTC 12351BP Sphingobacterium sp. OLu-1
KCTC 12352BP Novosphingobium capsulatum OLu-2
KCTC 12353BP Acinetobacter sp. OLu-3
KCTC 12354BP Xanthomonas sp. OLu-4

KCTC: Korean Center for Type Culture
(in the Korean Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology, KRIBB)

Culturing and Mass-manufacturing of Microbes

Low Temperature
in the Petri dish
in the Flask
Mass Production

Mass Production Facility of Microbes
Maximum production capacity of 700 liters/batch of concentrated microbial colony
 (3×109 CFU/ml)
• Able to sterilize and control temperature by hot steam and recycled water of double jacket fermentation device
• Perfect sterilized system for the microbial production
• Automatic control of temperature and pH in the batch with nutrients supply
The batch tank is made from corrosion-proof material and oxygen is supplied with a compressor of oil-less type.

P&ID of the OIKOS's
Microbes Production Facility
Microbes Production Facility
Manufactured by OIKOS

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- Origin : South Korea
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Contact Information
Guk-jin Kim ( Professional Engineer )
Contact Now
  • company Oikos. Co., Ltd.
  • address #1007, 96, Gamasan-ro, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul,  153-775
  • fax 82-855-6451
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