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Posting Date : May 28, 2010 GMT

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Coutnry/Region Korea (South)Korea (South)
address 1F, Hanbang B/D, 418-4 Dogok-dong, gsc2101, Gangnam-ku, Seoul,  135 - 270
Contact Song, Gil-Hong
fax 82-2-565-6870
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Product Description ECOFILTER is an ultra high performance air purifying filter with specialized structure that cannot be found in any others in the market. Structured with normal temperature activated oxidation catalyst, porous activated carbon pellet and Nano-Silver coating, ECOFILTER is a multifunctional filter which satisfies high level of dust filtering, deodorization, nitrogen oxide reduction, harmful gas elimination and antifungal performance. Product Feature 1)Effectively removes dust, Nox, harmful gas, odor, fungous, and etc. with a single filter with 4 layers (dust filter + Catalyst Filter + Honey-comb type activated carbon + Nano Silver coating) 2)Efficiently absorbs polluted substances with high performance porous activated carbon pellet 3)Nano-Silver coated for powerful deodorization and antifungal action (Patented) 4)Reducing harmful substances by using normal temperature activated oxidation catalyst Product Specification / Models Various types available depending on the purpose. Standard: For vehicle air conditioning 267(mm) x 233.7(mm) x 40t (vary by vehicle models ) For B/D, Industrial plants air conditioning 544(mm) x 594(mm) x 44t Application 1.Air conditioning/purification for Buildings, Industrial plants, Chemical plants, and etc. 2.Air conditioning/purification for Apartments, Public facilities, Education facilities, Public transportation, and etc. 3.Vehicles (Cabin Air conditioning Filter)
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Song, Gil-Hong
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