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Posting Date : May 28, 2010 GMT

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Coutnry/Region Korea (South)Korea (South)
address 2F, Taesang BD., 728-6, Youngdoo-Dong, green01, Dongdaemoon-ku, Seoul,  130-824
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Product Description The sewer pipe maintenance monitoring system GIS based, IGISS is able to confirm of effect front and rear sewer construction and assess whole works. In order to keep up continuous and stable maintenance operating sewer system, IGISS system performs the collection and storage of real time data from measuring instruments related in flow rate, precipitation etc. and analyzes I/I quantity, leakage volume etc. from the collected data and then the system is able to offer the effect of the sewer system construction to user. Finally, IGISS is total system offering information and utility of analysis related of sewer system to maintain systematically Product Feature IGISS is composed of three sub application group RMS, TTS, TAS functionally. RMS application is to collection real time data of flow meter or precipitation from main guard post and TTS is to support works of user printing books, exporting GIS data or images etc., finally, TAS is to analysis things related of sewerage system. Product Specification / Models Program Name: IGISS(Integrated GIS-based Water Quality Management Solution) Version: V1.0 Program Registration No: 2006-01-199-003294 Application 1. Water quality or quantitative analysis fields related of sewage system based on GIS. 2. Sewer pipe maintenance monitoring fields related of sewerage system systematically Optional Information - HS Code : 8523 Prepared Unrecorded Media for Sound Recording
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